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With winter once again upon us, Tungsten Carbide can make your traveling and sporting time much safer and more efficient. With the knowledge and expertise of a carbide recycler, scrap carbide is able to be processed and manufacturer into many new products that have significant value to you in the winter and every other season.

Why Tungsten Carbide?

Reliability, hardness, longevity to name a few. Unlike other metal alloys, Tungsten Carbide provides one of the hardest materials (other than diamond) know to man currently. Scrap carbide recycling has become a large industry. Taking broken, worn, and metal filings of carbide and processing them into new materials, equipment and tools has brought about a whole new area of progress.

tungsten carbideTungsten carbide is a raw material obtained through importing from foreign countries. The United States does not have any mines or resources for this material. Carbide recycling is providing jobs, building economies, providing current scrap carbide pricing for small businesses (thusly, a return on investment and another income stream), and allowing for new products to be made and put back out on the market.

Winter Uses for Tungsten Carbide

In the past, we’ve relied on hardened steel and other metals to manufacture equipment. With the advent of the tungsten carbide discovery, the possibilities are now endless as to the steel pieces that can be replaced.

Two major areas that are benefiting from carbide recycling are the automotive industry and the sporting field.

Although parts for vehicles and heavy equipment are being replaced with Tungsten Carbide, it is not dedicated to just those areas. In the winter, in many parts of the country, snow and ice play a large part in making travel difficult. You can take a chance and use all-weather tires, but sooner or later you will wish you had studded snow tires. Tungsten Carbide is being used to replace those old, hardened-steel studs that snap and break with the severe cold and conditions.

Carbide recycling has provided a feasible and economical way to produce tire studs at a fraction of the cost of using raw material. Scrap carbide, once processed and cleaned, has the potential to be manufactured into a myriad of tools and equipment. Tire studs made of Tungsten Carbide wear longer, resist breaking, produce stronger grip on ice, and provide a safety for drivers that is unmatched when using snow tires without studs.

tungsten carbide treadIn the sporting field, there are many new uses for this material from trekking pole tips, ski poles, blades on ice skates, snowmobile track and more. Thinking of snowmobiling, how many times have you been out in the deep woods only to have your track break from the cold or excessive wear? Tungsten carbide can be fashioned into a better, stronger and safer track for snowmobiles, without the usual headaches.

Learning about carbide recycling of scrap material and the subsequent uses will excite the sports enthusiast as well as those of you who take to the roads no matter the weather.

Safety and efficiency are the results of using scrap carbide and encouraging the carbide recycling process. Small businesses that process the scrap will get a much better current scrap carbide pricing by contacting Carbide-USA for proper handling, delivery and storage options. Contact us today for further information.

febrero 11th, 2020