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Why Recycle?

Why Recycle you ask…

There are many financial benefits to carbide recycling that can bring money back into your business.  Just as an example a small machine shop can produce around 25 pounds of used carbide scrap in a relatively short time. If you can take 25 pounds and multiply it by $10 (an example price) this would bring in an extra $250 that either would have been tossed in the scrap pile or thrown away. While the price for 25 pounds at the local scrap yard for steel price might only bring you $2.50.  The financial difference is great and with little or even no money invested into making an area to deposit your used carbide at your shop. Just by placing either a box or coffee can on the floor and labeling it scrap carbide you can quickly designate an area to place your used carbide. So you ask why recycle.. The answer is simple it brings money back into your business that can be used to buy new tooling or supplies for your staff.

The carbide tooling and materials you use in your company and products comes from tungsten ore. Over the past 20 years Chinese corporations, subsidized directly by the Chinese government, have been able to establish a virtual monopoly on the mining of known tungsten ore deposits and the processing of the ore into the powders used to develop the carbide products your company currently uses. is determined to break this monopoly. We have worked hard with American carbide factories to develop an efficient and environmentally clean recycling operation that will break America’s reliance on Chinese materials. By recycling your used cutters, inserts, tips and sludge we will strengthen America’s access to high quality low cost carbide materials. Access to these materials will help the USA return to its position as the worlds strongest manufacturing country.

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