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Understanding the Nature Of Carbide:

There are many pure metals, compounds, and alloys that are used for various applications in the modern world, but few have the versatility and overall strength that tungsten carbide displays. The compound is created by marrying a percentage of the metal tungsten with carbon in order to create a new material that is rust proof, scratch resistant, and 300% harder than stainless steel. Because of its attributes as well as the fact that it can easily be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes, carbide items have become a staple for businesses in many different industries.

images-150x150Despite its versatility, the metal’s reusability is what ultimately makes it the most attractive. Like stainless steel, tungsten carbide is completely recyclable. Because the U.S. does not possess large natural stores of tungsten, the domestic recycling process for the material is an invaluable resource. Those who actually sell tungsten carbide to recyclers like Carbide USA can expect to receive between $7 and $11 per pound of scrap metal turned in. This creates a huge incentive for manufacturers to continue producing carbide and businesses across the country to continue buying materials made from it.

Common Items Made From Carbide:

tungsten-carbide-rodsSuperior performance and the chance to recoup money spent on each purchase through recycling create powerful incentives to help businesses gravitate toward using carbide. As such, there are a variety of different tools, components, and accessories that are crafted from it. These items include:

  • Surgical instruments
  • Industrial gears
  • Ammunition
  • Fishing weights
  • Jewelry
  • Drill bits, inserts, end mills, mining tips, and other machining tool accessories

How Carbide Affects the Machining Industry:

Businesses that do any sort of heavy machining or mining know that many of the tools as well as the bits, tips, and other accessories that go with them are disposable to varying degrees. This means that there is a tremendous amount of money that must be constantly spent on new equipment to replace stock that is broken or warn down. This simple notion makes purchasing tungsten carbide items the most sensible recourse. Because carbide is so hard, accessories will not wear down nearly as fast as those made of other materials. Thanks to the easy recycling process from companies like Carbide USA, less money will be lost. A business owner could potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year depending upon the size of their operation, all while producing superior results.

How Carbide Affects the Medical Industry:

TUNGSTEN-CARBIDE-STAINLESS-STEELIt is imperative that surgeons have the most effective state of the art tools at their disposal when caring for patients. Tungsten carbide is used to enhance the longevity and overall performance of many surgical instruments. Because carbide is so heavy, this is usually done by creating inserts that are then micro bonded to an instrument’s working end. Because of the material’s density, carbide forceps or needle holders help surgeons to have a firmer grasp than stainless steel or titanium would provide. In addition, bone rasps or scissors that sport carbide will cut far better and require a lot less sharpening than those made of other metals. Furthermore, because carbide resists pitting and rust, instruments tipped with it will hold up for much longer periods of time.

How Carbide Affects Other Industries:

While the medical and machining industries are certainly the two most prominent advocates for tungsten carbide items, there are people in many other industries who are using the metal today as well. For example, armor piercing ammunition is crafted from carbide, making it an invaluable resource for military outfits. Fishermen love carbide weights because they never rust. Gears created from carbide can handle a lot more pressure and will not rust or corrode in any way, making them more valuable to business owners in a variety of industries.

Jewelers across the country are also taking advantage of the growing market for carbide rings, bracelets, charms, earrings, and necklaces. In fact, engagement and wedding rings are popularly being constructed of carbide because of the materials natural beauty and scratch resistance. This means that anyone who wears jewelry can find a use for tungsten carbide.

Responsible Use and Disposal:

The most important thing to remember about tungsten carbide scrap is that it is a precious and invaluable resource. To ensure that the stores we have domestically are being preserved, it becomes your responsibility to recycle with recyclers like Carbide USA, what you no longer need as far as carbide recycling , regardless of what industry you are in or to what end you use the material for. Remember that by doing so, you will be handsomely rewarded.

October 30th, 2013