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As we know, carbide is a metal alloy generally mined and exported from China. Carbide (tungsten carbide) is used in numerous industries including mining, road construction, metal tooling, machining shops, and in various pieces of equipment where a metal harder than steel is necessary.

carbide-buttonsSince most of our carbide is being imported from China, carbide recyclers have been trying to fuel our own economy by recycling used carbide parts and filings. One of the products made from scrap carbide, are the carbide buttons used to increase the strength of various tools. Saw blades are often equipped with these carbide buttons on their cutting tips to provide a stronger and cleaner finish to the cuts or machining operations.

Carbide is one of the hardest and most heat resistant alloys known to man. When an industry needs tools that are reliable, long lasting, and resistant to day-to-day use damage, they rely on tungsten carbide to fulfill their demands. The next strongest material is diamond, and that generally is not an affordable alternate in most industries.

Carbide Buttons

Carbide recyclers take scrap carbide and after milling down to the grade necessary, integrate the raw carbide scrap with other materials to produce carbide buttons. The carbide scrap needs another material to allow it to mix and form the carbide buttons in the die cast molds.

carbide-recycling-arrowsDown hole bits for percussion drilling must remain sharp in order to perform optimally. Carbide button tips and bits. Most commonly used bits today have spherical carbide buttons. They do wear down and develop flat spots, thus needing replacement.

Using scrap carbide is allowing the manufacture of these carbide buttons which in turn is recycling carbide that once was just thrown away with the trash. Carbide is an valuable resource, and reusing our worn carbide produces not only other carbide products that our country can use in various industries, but also provides additional work and thereby improves our economy through this new production.

Recycling Carbide Buttons

Carbide scrap recycling includes hard and soft carbide. Hard carbide is comprised of broken or damaged drill bits, carbide buttons, carbide inserts, drilling compacts and buttons, carbide end mills and drills, wear parts, saw tips, coal mining tips, road construction tips, nozzles, grit, blanks, ball mill and attritor mill media, and other solid carbide scrap.

Soft carbide scrap is mostly the metal filings, dust, grinding sludge (wet or dry), turnings, and grindings, presintered and unsintered carbide parts, grade powder, and powder scrap.

Recycling carbide buttons is a process by which we can take used, damaged, or worn carbide buttons and inserts, and re-manufacture them into other carbide products that can be used throughout our industries including mining, medical, and construction.

Carbide Scrap Recycling

carbide-recyclingThis is just one more way that we are working to protect and save our planet, economy, and industries as a whole. We cannot rely solely on imported new carbide to provide our industries with the tools, bits, and machinery needed. Carbide scrap recycling is proven to be a very viable alternative to raw carbide mined out of China. We can use and reuse our current carbide resources to formulate newer, better, and stronger carbide buttons, drill bits, and machinery.

Remember to keep your scrap carbide separate from your other metal scraps. Carbide is more valuable per pound than steel and your scrap carbide can be recycled at carbide recyclers such as Carbide-USA. We are here to assist you with recycling all your scrap carbide and at a price you will appreciate.

May 14th, 2014