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Imagine a winter with seriously cold temperatures and an immense amount of snow. Wait, that’s this winter for sure. Recycled Carbide is hard at work to keep you safe and provide added enjoyment for those outdoor winter enthusiasts.

Carbide recycling is the process of taking worn out, broken tungsten carbide pieces and filings, then reprocessing the material into new product. The increase in using carbide for winter gear, sports, and safety items is a sure sign of the incredible long-term value of this super strong material.

Where Is Recycled Carbide Being Used?

Scrap carbide recycling is an increasingly booming business. Rather than continually buying raw material, a carbide recycler is able to purchase your scarps at current scrap carbide pricing and turn it over to carbide scrap processors who manufacture it into new product. This keeps people employed, provides new jobs, and boosts the economy here.

recycled carbideSo where is recycled carbide used during the winter? You might be surprised to learn that the winter studs on your tires are now being made with tungsten carbide to provide excellent traction and safety. Tungsten carbide is stronger and harder than all other metals. Unlike the old hardened steel studs, recycled carbide is longer lasting and much stronger in icy conditions. The winter this year is demanding a higher degree of tire traction for your safety in traveling the snow and ice covered roads.

Sporting enthusiasts are finding carbide recycling products to be a huge boon to their equipment. From carbide tips on trekking poles, track studs on snowmobiles, to carbide tips on roller skis, scrap carbide recycling is finding an excellent niche to provide added safety and longer lasting material for winter sportsmen.

Snowmobiling is a huge past time in the winter months. Recycled carbide processed into the track studs on snowmobiles is providing an added safety feature to the machines. Many snowmobilers travel all over the countryside and encounter treacherous terrain and ice. Carbide studs, just like on automobile tires, provide a reliable and hardy traction that can prevent unnecessary accidents.

Horses Too?

Believe it or not (unless you are an equestrian) scrap carbide recycling has found a place in the world of horses. Think about the metal shoes that horses wear. Horses are often ridden and exercised in the winter and wear winter shoes with a particular type of nails to hold the shoes on. In the past, hardened steel, again, was used. Carbide recycling has again produced a tungsten carbide tipped nail that when used to attach the shoes onto the horse, provide yet again an increase in the traction and safety.

recycled carbideHorses have to walk on a varied terrain, and in the winter often must traverse frozen snow and ice. Equestrians who ride often in the winter need these new tips to offer them a safer and more sure-footed experience when they are out on roads and traveling through wooded paths. Winter brings many terrain conditions where recycled carbide can be of great value and use.

Carbide Recylers Building Strong Businesses

The competitive current scrap carbide pricing attracts many people to bring their used carbide materials to their local carbide recycler. The pricing per pound is considerably higher than that of typical metal scrap. Industries, machine shops, and construction companies are paying attention, separating our their scrap carbide, and reaching out to a carbide recycler such as Carbide-USA to obtain the best pricing and the knowledge their scrap carbide is being turned back into useable product.

Don’t let this winter leave you stranded. Be sure your sporting equipment, automobile tires, and horse shoes are equipped with Tungsten Carbide tips and studs to provide you with added safety and traction. Carbide recycling with Carbide-USA will bring you the best current scrap carbide pricing and boost the local economy with recycled carbide products.

February 11th, 2015