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Many industries are now realizing the value of sending their scrap carbide to a carbide recycler for processing into new equipment and the farming industry is no stranger to using Tungsten Carbide in their equipment.

Combining Tungsten (W) and Carbon ( C) produces one of the hardest of all carbides. The farming industry is being brought forward by the use of Tungsten Carbide in significant abrasion applications and farm implements.

Using a Carbide Recycler

tungsten carbide recyclingScrap carbide recycling allows for the remanufacturing of scrap carbide into durable, long-lasting and break-resistant implements, tools, mechanical parts, and instruments. Scrap carbide recycling is one of the best ways to keep the Tungsten Carbide processing industry within our own country.

Carbide-USA is both local and nationally known for its knowledge and professionalism in the carbide recycling industry. The current scrap carbide pricing continues to be the highest and most lucrative of the scrap metal industry. This extraordinary pricing encourages businesses to properly prepare and save their scrap carbide for processing with a local carbide recycler.

Uses of Tungsten Carbide in the Farming Industry

With the usage of Tungsten Carbide hardfacing and manufacturing, a reduction in significant wear and tear is obvious a huge advantage to farming. Farming, in and of itself, is a heavy abrasion process. Between the heavy usage required of the implements like tractors, combines, harvesters and such, and the actual cultivation tools used, Tungsten Carbide provides a resilient product.

Not only are the actual cutting blades, tips, cultivators and other implements being hardfaced with Tungsten Carbide, but actual mechanical or engine parts are also being produced with WC (Tungsten Carbide). The extreme heat produced by the engine and wear parts due to long days in the field would typical break down hardened steel at a fairly quick rate leaving broken equipment and lost time in the field for repairs.

tungsten carbideA carbide recycler know the value of scrap carbide and quickly processes this material so that manufacturers can build out new implements. Technology is moving along so quickly and with the current scrap carbide pricing on a continued upswing, more and more implements are being fitted with Tungsten Carbide tips using scrap carbide recycling.

Carbide-USA Brings Scrap Carbide Recycling to the Northeast

Carbide-USA is very proud to assure you that all scrap carbide recycling stays in the USA and is reprocessed into powders and carbide products soldĀ to American companies for further manufacturing. Contact Carbide-USA to learn more about current scrap carbide pricing and how you, too, can get your scrap carbide sent out to be processed.

March 18th, 2015