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There are three different ways the make sure what
you have in your hand is carbide. Carbide testing can be quick and easy if you follow the steps below

  1. The first step to carbide testing is to see if your carbide is heavy? It does not take a lot of carbide for the weight to add up. Carbide is much heavier then steel is.  A coffee can full of carbide will weigh around 50 pounds while the same coffee can full of steel would weigh around 25 pounds.
  2. Carbide testing with a magnet is very easy. First question is it magnetic? True tungsten carbide has very little attraction to a magnet. You should be able to easily pull the magnet away from the carbide. If your magnet is hard to pull away from the tool it is steel.
  3. How much does the material spark? If you place a piece of carbide on a grinding wheel the spark will be close together and the spark will be more orange in color. Please see the photos below to help you determine the correct spark for the carbide testing.


While a piece of steel will spark like a sparkler and the sparks will be whiter.


These three great ways of carbide testing while allow you to be confident in what you are sending us is carbide.

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