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Scrap carbide recycling is becoming a huge industry here in the United States. Since all our raw Tungsten Carbide has to be imported from foreign countries, the effort to retain and build on current local economies is looking to carbide recycling for massive results.

With the rise in use of Tungsten Carbide for numerous applications, the scrap carbide produced from breakage, wear, and machine shop filings is increasing historically. The more Tungsten Carbide we use, the more scrap carbide we have. This scrap can then be recycled and re-manufactured into yet more tools, instruments, and applications that ever before.

What Products Come From Carbide Recycling?

carbide recyclingSince the early days of Tungsten Carbide usage, due to its extreme hardness and reliability, mostly mining and road construction equipment were fitted with this material. The resulting long life of this compound resulted in work crews being able to stay on a job longer as their equipment did not breakdown as often as steel products.

In today’s world, we are seeing carbide recycling providing more and more products in the following areas.

  • Medical instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Sports equipment like trekking pole tips, ski pole tips, golf clubs, golf balls, camping equipment, fishing equipment, snowmobile treads, and new uses every day.
  • Road construction companies are replacing their hardened steel tools in preference to Tungsten Carbide to provide longer wear and reliability.
  • Farming industry is finding that metal parts in tractors and other farm equipment are better suited to Tungsten Carbide due to the higher heat factors. Carbide recyclers are fulfilling this need by sending out the scrap carbide to be manufactured into new engine parts.
  • Automobile industry, for some of the same reasons as the farming industry, are using the same material for high performance vehicles and parts that sustain a high amount of friction and heat. In addition, snow tires are being studded with carbide to provide a better grip and wear.

Current Scrap Carbide Pricing

With the cost of many things skyrocketing due to economic situations, scrap carbide is no exception. Carbide recyclers like Carbide-USA are well-equipped to offer you a safe, reliable, and financially viable method to send your used Tungsten Carbide for recycling.

carbide recyclingScrap carbide needs to be kept separate from all other scrap metals due to the preciousness of this material. Carbide recyclers offer excellent current scrap carbide pricing and expertise in the processing of your waste materials. Contacting a knowledgeable and professional outfit such as Carbide-USA will get you well on your way to properly delivering your carbide scrap to their facility.

Keep your scrap carbide separate from all other metal filings and pieces. Do not contaminate your scrap with anything that will detract from its fullest value. When doing machine shop work on tools and equipment, the filings and sludge are equally as valuable as mill ends, bits, and larger pieces.

Contact your carbide recycler to obtain a pricing quote and delivery information. You will find that the benefits of properly recycling carbide will provide you with a suitable ROI and another source on income for your company.

June 10th, 2015