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Slowly but surely, scrap carbide recycling is becoming a huge industry. Manufacturing new and advanced products through this use of Tungsten Carbide and recycling used material is bringing better products into the home. Tungsten Carbide is longer lasting, withstands higher heat and friction, maintains a sharper edge, and resists breaking far better than any previously used metals.

As the advancement of new technology appears, you will find more items and appliances using scrap carbide and Tungsten Carbide in products.

What Household Products Incorporate Tungsten Carbide

At this point in time the most common products found in the home that utilize Tungsten Carbide are:

tungsten carbideKnife Sharpeners
Light bulb filaments
High heat coils
Fishing equipment
Hiking equipment
The list is not as long as it is in most industries. The transfer from older metals to carbide is just starting to become a focal point of appliance makers and other household product manufacturers. Scrap carbide recycling is helping to increase the value of this material and provides a larger source for manufacturers to implement in their production efforts.

It is well known that Tungsten Carbide produces an immensely sharp and hard edge which can withstand length periods of time in use. Excellent knives used in food preparation in restaurants and now in the home are being made of this material. Carbide recyclers have known the value of scrap carbide recycling as now many products can be made better and stronger.

Light bulbs are one of the newest ways scrap carbide is being used. The filament within the light bulb must withstand a fair amount of heat and high usage. Tungsten Carbide is providing a longer lasting light bulb with a filament that outshines (pun intended) the competition.

As we know, sharp items such as knives and blades would result in longer life span if made from Tungsten Carbide. Blades used in food processors and blenders may well be produced from scrap carbide in the near future.

Sporting equipment such as golf balls, golf clubs, fishing equipment/lures/sinkers, and sporting equipment such as trekking poles, ice grips, snowmobile track studs, and vehicle winter tire studs all currently utilize Tungsten Carbide in their make up.

Scrap Carbide Recycling

In the past, scrap metal was sent off the scrap yard and processed into new material and products. Scrap carbide recycling is the same idea but keeps the carbide scrap separate from other metals as Tungsten Carbide demands a higher current scrap carbide pricing.

Carbide-USACarbide recyclers collect the material from other companies, industries and businesses (such as construction, farming, mining, and machine shops), then sends the scrap onto processors and manufacturers who turn the scrap into new product.

The current scrap carbide pricing can fluctuate from day to day. Contact Carbide-USA to obtain current price quotes and instructions on how to prepare your scrap to be sent to them. As a premier scrap carbide recycler serving local and nationwide industries, Carbide-USA can help your process your scrap Tungsten Carbide safely, securely, and easily.

Household products will be seeing an increase in the usage of Tungsten Carbide in many products as time goes on. You may all ready own some items that have been manufactured using scrap carbide.

July 22nd, 2015