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The holidays are here and time is running short. Many people are opting to purchase tungsten carbide products for their holiday gift giving. And why is that? Because tungsten carbide has become known as one of the strongest, scratch resistant, damage proof metal alloys on the market today.

tungsten carbide scrapTungsten carbide is the combination of tungsten (which is mined in Asia) and carbon, which then cements together these two items into an amazingly reliable product. In the USA and Europe, scrap carbide recycling accounts for a large proportion of new manufactured products. This also is giving the ability for new business, more jobs, and a booming industry in times of a tight economy.

Who Has Scrap Carbide?

Carbide scrap includes metal filings from machine shops, broken bits and pieces from industrial applications, and worn items from various industries. A carbide recycler purchases this scrap material and pays current scrap carbide pricing to the provider or business entity.

Mining, road construction, metal workers all have been using tungsten carbide in their individual industries. The product outlasts and outperforms hardened steel and is comparative only to the strength of diamonds. Carbide recycling is fast becoming a profitable business in the scrap metal industry.

Typical Uses of Tungsten Carbide for Holiday Gifts

As each day goes by, scrap carbide and tungsten carbide are being used in day-to-day products and materials. Carbide recycling can take the finest particles and manufacture them into exquisite pieces of jewelry, rings, decorative items, sporting equipment, medical instruments, and more.

The most popular products made from the product collected by a carbide recycler are jewelry items. Wedding rings and engagement rings made of this amazing alloy will serve the wearer for a lifetime. Scratch, dent and breakage resistant, tungsten carbide retains its shape, luster and wear ability far better than any gold or silver item on the market.

tungsten carbide scrap recyclingThe second most popular product line for tungsten carbide is in the sporting industry. Current scrap carbide pricing has brought attention to this metal as one in great demand. In the sporting industry, tungsten carbide tips are now often used on both ski poles and trekking poles. These carbide tips handle rugged terrain with ease, rarely chip or break, and provide significant traction even on ice.

Golfers will also be amazed to learn that not only are their golf clubs now being crafted of tungsten carbide, but that scrap carbide recycling is used to formulate the carbide into golf balls that go the distance. Titanium is getting a solid run for its money with tungsten carbide beating it out hands down.

Your Carbide Recycler in New York

Carbide-USA is well-known for providing the best current scrap carbide pricing in the area. Local scrap metal collectors bring their carbide scrap to a carbide recycler not only for the excellent monetary reimbursement but to encourage the economy with providing a material for manufacturing that can be done right here in our country. This effort strengthens not only the economy in general, but gives back to the community and local businesses.

As the holidays approach and you are searching for the right gift for that special person, consider the quality and reliability of tungsten carbide. Ask your local jeweler to show you their tungsten carbide pieces in particular and learn about how a product made from this metal could be the most perfect gift on your list this year.

December 17th, 2014