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Tungsten carbide scrap is becoming a very popular metal in various industries. The longevity and hardness of this material has led to varying usages which are sought after for both financial reasons and for workability within the industries. Carbide recycling promotes our economy by reusing damaged, broken tungsten carbide pieces and filings, re manufacturing them into additional products that are then used throughout the country.

tungsten carbide scrap recycling, carbide scrap recyclerThe top industries that are currently using tungsten carbide scrap are mining, road construction, medical equipment, and the sports industry. Carbide has long been known as one of the hardest materials known to mankind, barring diamond-tip tools, and far more economical.

A carbide recycler such as Carbide-USA reclaims used, broken and discarded carbide tools, pieces and even filings from machine shops, provides current carbide scrap pricing to the supplier, and sends the tungsten carbide out for re manufacturing into new products.

 Industries Using Tungsten Carbide Scrap


Our country relies heavily on our mining capabilities for the retrieval of ore, stone, metals, and other material necessary for production. Miners have used hardened steel for a long time only to find the life expectancy of the tools to be minimal, causing a constant replacement and financial expense in keeping proper tools on hand.

With the procurement of tungsten carbide imports, the value of carbide blend tools has become increasingly popular. The problem being only that we must import our tungsten carbide from foreign countries as the United States does not have any resources here for the raw product.

Once the tungsten carbide in made into products and tools, the mining industry is able to do their activities faster, longer, and with less breakage and replacement time lost. When carbide materials do break or shatter, a carbide recycler is called, the tungsten carbide scrap is turned over to the recycler and processed into new items.



Similar to the mining industry, road construction utilizes a vast array of tools for both hand and mechanized equipment. The hardened steel of days gone by is no longer in favor due to the constant replacement necessary. Equipment in the road construction industry is heavily used, just like in mining, and there came a need to produce a stronger, more reliable metal.

Tungsten carbide is stronger and longer lasting than previously used metals. The ability to have carbide tools, tips, blades, and saws produce better results and allow less down time. When carbide begins to wear down, which does take considerably longer than hardened steel, industries are able to turn in their scrap carbide for current carbide scrap pricing. This, in turn, produces a suitable cash flow that allows all industries to reinvest in newly manufactured tools made from recycled carbide.


Medical equipment such as surgical tools are being made from tungsten carbide, both from raw material and from remanufactured carbide scrap. Again, we are finding tungsten carbide to be a more reliable material when used in any industry, breakage is minimal, and the hardness factor encourages regular usage.

tungsten carbide scrap recycling, current scrap carbide pricingThe medical industry uses carbide instruments in a multitude of products including surgical tools and dental equipment. Carbide is capable of being fine-tuned, filed smaller and made into better ergonomic instruments due to its physical makeup. Hardened steel had been the metal of choice until the finer qualities of carbide became known and available. The ability we have to process tungsten carbide scrap into new products and instruments has led to a booming industry with the carbide recycler.



Thinking about the sports industry, the usage of carbide is relatively new. This is a growing industry that will soon find the advantages of using carbide and recycled carbide throughout many pieces of sporting equipment.

Currently it is typical to find carbide used in trekking pole tips, roller blade/street blade pole tips, lanterns, climbing equipment, and fishing lures. Why? Once again, the long-lasting properties, resistance to breakage, and hardness all contribute to producing equipment that can be relied upon and needs less replacement.

Economically, having materials that hold up under use prevents the cash outlay to repurchase tools and material regularly.

 Carbide Scrap Recyclers

Carbide-USA is your premier New York carbide recycler working with tungsten carbide scrap and providing current carbide scrap pricing which is second to none in the industry. Tungsten carbide recycling is boosting the industry economy by providing an excellent return on the discarded/scrap carbide (far better than standard metal scrap pricing), increasing employment opportunities by building and operating more carbide manufacturing businesses, and putting American made products back on the market.

Contact your local carbide recycler to learn more about the process of turning your used/damaged carbide into cash.

September 10th, 2014