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Current scrap carbide pricing remains in a state of fluctuation. China, which controls the vast majority of the worldwide tungsten trade, is keeping a tight rein on the mining and supplies available in order to drive the prices up for the raw material.

Scrap carbide recycling continues to grow as a viable industry here in the United States and amongst other countries where tungsten carbide is being used. Carbide recycling (recycling of broken bits, end mills, worn pieces, filings and even carbide sludge) is fast becoming one the big processing industries.

current scrap carbide pricingAs the price of the raw commodity of tungsten carbide continues to fluctuate, we are able to recycle scrap carbide into new products, thus providing more jobs in the manufacturing industry.

What Affects Current Scrap Carbide Pricing

Just like the supply and demand chain of events emitting from China, our scrap carbide pricing is affected by the amount and quality of material presented to the carbide recycler.

Scrap carbide prices vary greatly depending on grade, form and quality.

Insert Grade – Cutting Inserts, Thread Chasers
Straight Grade – Carbide end mills, Drills
Mining Grade – Compacts, PDC cutters

Tungsten scrap price for refinery material varies on tungsten content and the occurrence of contaminates.

Refinery forms:
Tungsten Spray Powder
Sludge/grindings- Wet or dry
Solids with attachments

scrap carbide recycling Some of the most common contaminate that effects tungsten scrap price include;

Current scrap carbide pricing depends on the above particulars; but regardless, know that a carbide recycler will be paying far more per pound of scrap tungsten carbide than that of any other scrap metal today.

The days of throwing away tools are over. We have learned the value of using, reusing, refurbishing and extending the lifespan of our materials. Tungsten carbide can be retooled, sharpened, and reset to prolong the life of the tool by up to 80% as long as the original item.

The sludge and filings resulting from this machining process are then saved in a separate container and the current scrap carbide pricing can be obtained from your nearest carbide recycler such as Carbide-USA.


Rising commodity prices affect every facet of our lives; you only have to look at the price of incoming raw materials and fuel to see this is the case.

One of the commodities most affecting tooling suppliers, and the products they manufacture, is tungsten carbide. Over the past decade, tungsten carbide prices have risen sharply. In 2004 alone the price rose 500 percent. According to the Tungsten Investing News, however, the price is not only high when compared to a decade ago, it also has a tendency to fluctuate rapidly.

2014 saw the Tungsten Carbide commodity pricing in the 350-400 dollars per MTU range (metric ton unit). The continual containment by China to regulate the pricing and drive it higher causes industries that use tungsten carbide to turn to a carbide recycler when the machining process has taken the carbide tooling to their minimal settings.

Scrap carbide recycling is the best way to keep our own prices down, provide new tools for various industries, build our own economy, and provide new jobs in the scrap carbide recycling industry.

Carbide-USA offers a reliable and knowledgeable scrap carbide recycling facility for your needs. Contact us today to discuss current scrap carbide pricing and how best to prepare your mill ends, filings, and sludge for compensation.

January 14th, 2015