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Tungsten Carbide drill bits are used in many applications including, drill bits for the manufacturing industry. Carbide drill bits come in various sizes and have a multitude of uses within the industry.

Carbide drill bits are usually attached to some sort of tool, usually a drill which forces the drill bit to rotate and provides adequate torque to create a hole for the intended purpose.

carbide drill bitsTungsten carbide and carbide mixes are extremely hard and can produce appropriate drilling capabilities in most all materials while holding a sharp edge longer than other bit materials. Because of its durability, Tungsten Carbide can be rather expensive so that is why industries are using more recycled carbide tools. Carbide recyclers are collecting scrap carbide from various industries and machine shops to process through carbide recycling methods.

Carbide Drill Bit Benefits

The use of Tungsten Carbide in drill bits provides a longer lasting, stable, and solid material for use in drilling within numerous industries. Carbide recyclers process the scrap carbide through their facilities and send this cleaned material out to manufacturers who reform the carbide into new products such a carbide drill bits.

Carbide drill bits can be either solid tungsten carbide or merely have the tips covered in a Tungsten Carbide cement.These Carbide drill bits are preferred in construction, mining, farming, automotive and machine shop industries due to their long life. As with any metal of drill bit, there is always wear and tear, dulling, and sometimes breakage. Machine shops can resharpen carbide drill bits in order to further lengthen their usage life. The carbide scraps, filings and sludge can then be delivered to carbide recyclers for the best current scrap carbide pricing. Carbide-USA provides specific instructions on how to keep the carbide scrap separate from other metals and how to properly deliver to their offices.

The major benefit of carbide drill bits is that they provide a longer working life due to their hardness factor. Hardened steel is not able to last as long in steady applications as Tungsten Carbide. By utilizing carbide material, industries can keep their tools on line in the field for longer periods of time preventing down time and loss of time spent on a project.

Scrap Carbide Recycling at Carbide-USA

Current scrap carbide pricing provides an extra stream of income for users of Tungsten Carbide drill bits and other tools. No matter what industry this material is used in, there will come a time that the tool needs sharpening or replacement.

carbide USAScrap carbide recycling is the obvious choice when it comes to obtaining a significant ROI and providing local economy benefits. Carbide recyclers like Carbide-USA bring new jobs to communities through the simple act of their being available to industries. Sending your scrap carbide to a local, community-based recycler will make your processing needs much easier.

Our economy is struggling with low employment rates and higher cost of materials. Carbide recyclers bring new business into areas and provide a significant rate of value on Tungsten Carbide scrap than the general scrap metal pricing.

Contact Carbide-USA for more information on current scrap carbide pricing and prepare your materials per their instructions for the best results.

April 15th, 2015