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No matter the time of year, there are so many opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Tungsten carbide is becoming more popular with many outdoors enthusiasts for its reliability, durability and strength. Right now we are approaching winter with the often sub-zero temperatures that require our outdoor equipment to be able to withstand the abuses of the season.

tungsten carbide scrapLiving, working, and playing in the winters of the northern hemisphere dictates reliability, hardness, strength, and performance of the tools and products we use. In the past, we’ve relied heavily on hardened steel, surgical steel, and combinations of various metals to produce sturdy products.

Carbide Scrap Provides Better Equipment

With the advent of tungsten carbide use and the ability to provide scrap carbide recycling, we are seeing numerous improvements in the production of outdoor equipment such as trekking pole tips, ski pole tips, and even ice spikes for snowmobile tread.

It’s cold and frigid in the winter. Ice forms on most every surface and with the temperatures regularly reaching into the negative numbers, hardened steel cannot hold up to such extremes. Tungsten carbide scrap is used to manufacture new pieces that are stronger, harder, and more reliable. The scrap carbide from other industries are collected and recycled into products that are becoming more sought after by outdoors adventurers.

Imagine trekking along through snow and ice with the old version of the tempered tips on your ski or trekking poles. Placing them into the ice at the wrong angle, or with too much force would cause them to break. The temperatures would also make the tips extremely fragile and even a simple amount of force could cause them to shatter. As a trekker or cross-country skier, you needed to plan ahead and bring a good amount of extra tips for your poles.

Now that we’ve learned how scrap carbide recycling can be used to manufacture better products, the demand for tungsten carbide equipment has increased. Serious outdoors people want a strong and reliable product that provides excellent traction and safety when they are out in the wilderness or just hiking through their local woodland park.

Tungsten Carbide Scrap

Although many products are made directly from tungsten carbide, using tungsten carbide scrap has opened up many new industrial opportunities, provided more employment, and developed an ever expanding world of products made from this material.

Tungsten carbide scrap is carefully kept separate from other scrap metals, and obtains the current scrap carbide pricing at recycling facilities such as Carbide-USA in New York. Carbide-USA is a premier carbide recycling facility in the Northeast and distributes vast amounts of carbide scrap to various manufacturing and processing plants.

Some of these processing plants use the carbide scrap primarily to form the material into outdoors equipment and continue to find new ways to incorporate tungsten carbide into newer and better products like the ice studs on a snowmobile tread.

tungsten carbide treadDo you snowmobile? In the north of our country, many snowmobile enthusiasts anxiously await the arrival of decent snowfall so they can get their machines out. In fact, in some areas, a snow machine is the primary method of transportation due to the extensive amounts of snow in some areas. If you’re heading up into the northern woodlands or toward the Canadian border, you want to have a solid and reliable tread on your machine. The trails can get well-packed down and turn icy. With carbide stud tips on your tread, you will find the going much easier and you’ll get to your destination without worrying.


Carbide-USA knows the value of recycling tungsten carbide back into the economy. The results are far-reaching into industries like outdoor equipment, medical instruments, jewelry, and of course, back into tools and equipment used in mining and road construction. Get the best current scrap carbide pricing at your preferred recycler, and know that you can call Carbide-USA directly for more information.

November 19th, 2014