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Where ever your camping and hiking trips take you this year, you may well be using items made from recycled carbide scrap. More and more products are using the materials from carbide scrap recycling as the industry works to produce better and stronger items for your use.

carbide tipsThe outdoor recreation industry is finding that carbide being used instead of hardened steel is providing a stronger and more reliable product. Tungsten carbide is now found in items such as trekking pole tips, fishing gear, cutting knives, knife sharpeners, carbiners, lamps and flashlights.

Tungsten carbide in mined generally in China and imported to the United States for processing and manufacturing into product for many different industries including mining, drilling, road construction, medical instruments, and outdoor equipment. A carbide scrap recycler takes used, damaged carbide and scrap filings and pays the current carbide scrap pricing to those who recycle their scrap carbide.

Why Use Products Made From Carbide Scrap?

As we’ve learned, the usage of carbide and carbide combinations with other alloys produces a stronger and more reliable material than even hardened steel. Up until very recently, the only thing stronger than steel was diamond tips. Diamond tipped tools and products are extremely expensive and generally not in high demand due to their cost.

Stepping in came the carbide scrap recycler who understood not only the value of carbide as compared to other metals, but the value to our economy is being able to reuse this material in manufacturing. The more it became apparent that carbide could provide such quality products, the more the demand has increased throughout various industries.

Carbide-USA provides current carbide scrap pricing  and is very lucrative for machine shops, and others who work on repairing and sharpening their tools. By keeping the scrap carbide separate from other metal  scrap, small businesses can obtain significant income from sending the scrap to be recycled.

Rather than purchasing more and more raw carbide from outside entities, we are able to utilize the scrap carbide by processing it and manufacturing into new tools for many industries, including jewelry, medical, and even the outdoor recreation niche.

Take Carbide On Your Next Outdoor Trip

carbide trekking polesMany people find the adventure of being outdoors on hiking and camping trips something to happily look forward to. Carbide is now being found in various items used outdoors and has become a go-to product for many outdoor aficionados when they are seeking a new item or tool to use. The quality, hardness, and reliability is the important key to a long-lasting item.

Those who spend time hiking and walking long distances in the wilderness are known to use trekking or hiking poles/sticks. Up until recently, the best tips were made from hardened steel.  Hardened steel has its limitations and often crack under poor conditions. Being out on a long trek and having your trekking pole tips break or crack can cause extra work for you.

Today, hiking sticks are have their tips made from recycled carbide scrap. This process is providing an extraordinary reliable and sturdy tip for the walking sticks and allows for greater agility to the user.

Other materials fashioned from recycled carbide scrap can be seen everywhere from tenting materials, fishing gear, climbing equipment, and various knives and sharpeners.

Carbide scrap recycling is utilizing our workforce by making new jobs, increasing our economy by keeping work here and using materials we all ready have, and providing manufacturing industries with more products they can make.

Taking recycled carbide with you on your hiking trek will be one of your best choices for reliable and sturdy equipment. Enjoy the weather and the great outdoors!  Carbide-USA is locally owned and operated in New York.  We have been providing carbide scrap recycling locally and nationally with many satisfied customers.


August 20th, 2014