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Carbide on a camping trip? Many people would have no understanding why one would use carbide for camping, or what products carbide is now a part of. But if you are a regular camper or outdoorsman, then you may well be aware of the improvement that carbide makes in every day items and sporting equipment.

Some products that now are made of carbide or a carbide mix are:carbide scrap recyclers

  • knives
  • saws
  • lamps/lights
  • hiking/walking sticks
  • fishing rods
  • tent stakes
  • climbing gear (holds, crimps, carabiners)

Anything that can or used to be made from hardened steel or other metal alloys can now be made with carbide or a combination of carbide with other alloys. Carbide scrap recycling has become a popular method to reuse damaged, broken carbide, and carbide filings. Keeping the manufacturing business in the United States has provided new jobs and boosted the local economies through the start-up businesses of carbide scrap recyclers.

Industries reliant on carbide for their tools, bits, and materials have found that they can obtain scrap carbide pricing well in excess of standard metal recycling. Recycled scrap carbide is collected, sent to carbide scrap recyclers who then move it on to manufacturers who make products out of the scrap.

Camping Equipment Grows Up

Camping equipment is one of the niches where carbide has been found to provide a better product, longer lasting, stronger, and more reliable than standard metal alloy. In fact, anything that you can imagine being made from metal can be made from carbide. And these products become sought after for their strength and longevity in their respective markets.

Campers, hikers, outdoor people are ecstatic to locate their favorites products made with carbide or carbide mixes. This is possible due to carbide scrap recycling.

Origination of Carbide

Carbide is mined generally in China, in the United States we do not have carbide mines or resources within our country. The mining and transportation of this material is costly so it stands to reason that such a resource needs to be preserved, and so carbide scrap recyclers found that they could use damaged, broken carbide scrap to remanufacture into products that would be useful for many different industries.

Carbide is known to be the strongest metal alloy in existence today. The only stronger material is diamond, but the cost is prohibitive for most industries to be using diamond tips, blades, tools or bits.  Carbide became known not just for it’s hardness, but also for its versatility to be molded into various forms, shapes, and products that could compete with the standard metal work industry.carbiide scrap recyclers

Why Carbide for Camping Products?

Camping equipment needs to be reliable, flexible, and strong. Products and materials produced from scrap carbide or carbide direct from the mines and processed into usable products allows everyone the ability to access their favorite products in a stronger material.

Whether you are a weekend camper or a professional camper/hiker, you want the best products available at a reasonable cost. Scrap carbide has been reprocessed and manufactured into some of the best camping products on the market today.

The next time you are in the market for a camping item, take the time to look at carbide products and  compare them side-by-side with standard metal products.  You will see that even for a slight price increase for the carbide item, you will purchasing a much more reliable and stronger product when you choose carbide.

When you have carbide scrap that you want to get the best prices for, contact Carbide-USA a carbide recycling facility that offers the best current scrap carbide pricing.

July 16th, 2014