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Spring time. What a long and arduous winter we’ve all experienced. Now that spring and warmer weather is arriving, our thoughts turn to spring cleaning and getting our homes and businesses back to normal. And this often means a thorough clean out, brighten up, and opening those windows.

carbide-toolsBefore your business location gets into the summer weather, you’ll want to take a good look at the scrap carbide in your shop and institute a plan to gather the carbide up. Carbide recycling is becoming an integral part of reusing/recycling metals, but you must remember to separate your scrap carbide from the other metal scraps in your business.

If your business or industry uses carbide bits, tips, buttons, cutters, blades or any other tools fabricated with carbide, be aware that carbide recycling produces a larger per pound payout from the scrap carbide.

Scrap carbide results from carbide tools that break down, get damaged, wear out, or otherwise degrade. You’ll also find that if you are machining, sharpening, or repairing carbide tools, you will produce carbide scrap shavings,filings,dust and sludge, which then can be sent to a carbide recycler to be processed — and at a fair market price.

Scrap carbide pricing is much higher than standard metal recycling prices, so keeping your carbide scraps in one place is important. You don’t want to mix your metal filings and lose the scrap carbide pricing. Carbide-USA can provide you with this week’s pricing and carbide scrap value on a per-pound basis with a quick phone call to the main office.

Scrap Carbide Management

Larger scrap carbide items like broken tools, bits, and carbide buttons can be kept in a separate box or container that will suit the size tools you will be sending for recycling. If you produce a regular quantity of carbide filings and dust, keep a coffee can or similar size container near where the scraps are produced.

carbide-buttons-bYou’ll want to properly deposit the scrap carbide into their appropriate containers so that when you are ready to contact your local carbide recycling provider, everything will be ready to be packaged and either delivered or mailed to the carbide recycler.

Once you have obtained a suitable quantity of scrap carbide, contact your carbide recycler, determine the current scrap carbide pricing, and obtain Carbide-USA’s quote number to include in the packaging of your carbide scraps you are sending out (for proper credit to your account or payment).

Carbide Recycling with Carbide-USA

Scrap carbide pricing changes daily for clean carbide such as machining inserts and end mills. Please give us a call and we will give you the correct price for other carbide such as wire rolling dies, road milling bits, pump rings, carbide saw tips (debrazed or tinned), oil drilling nozzles, mining tips and bits (either separated or attached to the steel shank), cutting blades or carbide that needs to be debrazed, such as burs, centrifuge tiles and boring bars.

carbide-scrap-04Scrap carbide must be clean carbide, meaning not mixed with other metals or materials. If the product you send is not clean carbide, we will contact you and adjust the pricing relative to the percentage of actual clean scrap carbide in your materials.

Whether it’s springtime or something that you do regularly, keeping your scrap carbide contained and uncontaminated by other materials is important to obtaining the best scrap carbide pricing. Carbide recycling facilities like Carbide USA are in need of clean scrap carbide to process and provide for re-manufacture of carbide tools and other pieces in many different industries.

April 21st, 2014