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Shipping Your Scrap Carbide

Shipping Tooling or Hard Scrap

  • Small shipments of carbide scrap materials (less than 50 total pounds) can be shipped directly to inexpensively through the U. S. Postal Service’s Flat Rate Box Service.
    • We recommend using the medium flat rate box and putting no more the 50 pounds per box.
  • Use as many boxes as necessary to ship your material. But we strongly recommend limiting the weight of each box to 40 – 50 pounds of material. This weight is less likely to break the box.
  • Carefully and tightly pack the boxes to eliminate the tools shifting and vibrating during shipment causing them to break through the box. Double bagging the tools, packing the box with newspaper and taping the corners will help stop the carbide from ripping the box. Please do not use packing peanuts! They will not support the carbide and as such the carbide may rip the box
  • After the box is packed but before you tape the box up give the box a shake. If you hear a lot of movement there is a large chance that your product may rip through the box.
  • Double boxing your shipment is highly recommended.
  • We do not require that you sort the different type of carbide you have but it does make the process quicker for us.
  • Please place a piece of paper in the box with your name, address to where we will be sending the check, quote number and an email address. If there is no quote number we will default to that days floor price.
  • Depending on the price of scrap at the time, a 50 pound box of scrap tools could be worth $500. Please don’t lose $500 for a couple of dollars worth of tape and packaging.


Shipping Sludge

  • We happily accept sludge from both oil and water coolant filtration systems.
  • We also buy cartridge type filters.
  • will pay for incoming shipments of large amounts of carbide sludge but we must schedule the shipment in advance.
  • Shipping sludge in barrels is the most common way to ship the material. Place one or two barrels maximum on a strong pallet to protect the barrel from tipping over.
  • Use steel strapping or heavy duty trucking straps to secure the barrel to the pallet.
  • Never use light plastic or nylon packaging strapping to secure the barrel to the pallet. If the barrel tips over and the carbide sludge falls out, the driver is not likely to deliver the load. This could cost you a huge payday for your sludge.
  • Please place a shipping label on the pallet.

Please ship the boxes to

100 Home Street
Elmira NY 14904

Click the link below to download the Carbide USA shipping form  to be included with your shipment.



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