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Autumn is approaching quickly and the busy-ness of summer is slowing down. September is a good time to recycle your tungsten carbide scrap and obtain current carbide scrap pricing at its best. All summer you’ve been busy keeping up with orders, contracts, and your daily work expectations. Perhaps you have struggled to keep your carbide scrap shipped out on a regular basis. Now is the perfect time to get things in order before the winter gets here.

tungsten carbide scrapTungsten carbide scrap, one of the most valuable metal alloys available today, provides an excellent source of income coming back into your business. Tungsten carbide recycling will allow you to keep your carbide separate from your other metal scrap and obtain the best current carbide scrap pricing available in your area. As you know, tungsten carbide is more precious and priced higher per weight that standard scrap metals like hardened steel.

Keep your carbide separate from your other metals, and you will see a higher return on your tool investments.


For many, many years the best metal in the business has been hardened steel. This metal produced amazing results through the years and provided much needed tools, bits, saws, knives and other products. Hardened steel was the metal of choice.

Since the introduction of tungsten carbide to the industries such as road work, mining, metal shops, and the medical fields, we have come to appreciate the value of this newer metal. Tungsten carbide is mined in foreign countries and imported to the United States to be manufactured into various tools and instruments.

The cost of tungsten carbide is more than hardened steel but is easily made up for in the long-lasting usage, hardness, and finer cutting abilities inherent in this metal. Tungsten carbide is often combined with other materials to allow for the manufacturing process and to provide a more useful material.

Tungsten carbide scrap results from the breakage, filings, and the wear that tungsten carbide experiences through normal usage in the industries of choice. Machine shops, both private to the industry and separate machine shops, work to refile, sharpen and extend the life of carbide tools and pieces in order to use for a longer period of time.

tungsten carbide scrapTungsten carbide recycling has seen an increase in understanding throughout the industry as to the value of carbide being used to remanufacture new products. As tungsten carbide scrap weighs more than standard metal scrap, the value per weight is higher than metal scrap, industries have come to realize that developing a good relationship with a carbide recycler will bring them a higher current carbide scrap pricing. This in turn produces yet another income stream into the business or industry.


Carbide-USA is your local carbide recycler in New York. We provide the best pricing per weight, and complete information about how to best handle your tungsten carbide scrap for maximum returns. Contact us directly for the current carbide scrap pricing. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve your tungsten carbide recycling needs.

September 17th, 2014