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Carbide sludge is the scrap and filings from machining your tungsten carbide tools in your machine shop.  As you file, sharpen or reshape your carbide tools, your machining tools produce a fine carbide dust which when mixed with water is referred to as sludge.  Your carbide scrap recycler can give you today’s current scrap carbide pricing.

Carbide-USA purchases used, broken, damaged carbide tools and bits, inserts (milling, forming and cutting), end mills, cutoffs, round stock, dies, router bits, punches, drills, reamers, wear parts as well as fine carbide filings and sludge.  The best way to keep your carbide separate from your other metals is to designate a bucket or other container near the workbenches in order to easily and quickly deposit your scrap carbide without mixing it with other metals.

Why Scrap Carbide Recycling

carbide-sludge1Scrap Carbide recycling provides a boost to the economy, yours and the nations.  The mining process of tungsten carbide ore is an expensive endeavor, never mind that there is a finite quantity of carbide on planet Earth.  Most of the carbide used in the United States is mined in China and shipped here to be processed and manufactured.  If processed and manufactures in other countries, it is often well known that the carbide is mixed with other metals, ores, and fillers which can reduce the strength of the carbide tool.

As we have such a limited supply of carbide, it is imperative that everyone engage in scrap carbide recycling in order to best encourage keeping as much industry in our nation as possible.  It is also important to remember that if we use up the majority of the tungsten carbide reserves in the world, pricing will increase, and the ability to have solid carbide products will be limited and costly.

If you use carbide tools, bits, end mills, blades, drills, punches or other carbide tools in your industry, start now to preserve the used, damaged, and broken pieces in a separate container.  You may also want to keep your carbide filings and sludge in separate containers to ease things for the carbide scrap recycler you choose to submit and deliver your containers to.

Carbide-USA Carbide Scrap Recycler

If you live in or near New York State, you will find Carbide-USA to be an excellent, professional, and knowledgeable carbide scrap recycler.  Your carbide sludge can easily be delivered to Carbide-USA via USPS, UPS, freight (for large amounts), or delivered via your own operations to the Carbide-USA.  It is important to contact us first to determine the amount of your carbide scrap, to arrange best delivery options, and obtain today’s scrap carbide pricing.

carbide-sludge-bCarbide sludge along with dry pieces of damaged, used, broken carbide tools (bits, drills, inserts (milling, forming and cutting), end mills, cutoffs, round stock, dies, router bits, punches,  reamers, wear parts and much more are all part of the scrap carbide recycling process.

The value of your scrap carbide, though the pricing may change daily, is at a significantly higher price per pound than general scrap metal.  By taking advantage of Carbide-USA’s scrap carbide recycling process, you can not only clear out those pieces of carbide from your shop, but obtain the best pricing available to you.  Don’t lose money by mixing your carbide with other scrap metals.  Keep it separate and ready to be delivered to your carbide scrap recycler and bring a decent dollar value back into your business or industry.

June 12th, 2014