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Scrap Carbide Pricing

Carbide pricing per pound for clean carbide, Machining Inserts and End Mills is changing daily! To get the most current price per pound for carbide Inserts and Endmills please call us in the office at 607-331-9353. The quote number we give you must be included in the shipping information that you place in your box. Please give us a call and we will give you the correct price for other carbide such as wire rolling dies, road milling bits, pump rings, carbide saw tips (debrazed or tinned), oil drilling nozzles, mining tips and bits (either separated or attached to the steel shank), cutting blades or carbide that needs to be debrazed, such as burs, centrifuge tiles and boring bars.    Please note that if your product is not clean carbide and you use the incorrect quote number we will adjust the price and notify you.

Carbide pricing for carbide sludge depends on the percent of Tungsten content and moisture of the material. We also purchase carbide sludge in filters. Please contact us and we will walk you through the process to get you a price.

*We pride ourselves on giving you the highest carbide pricing per pound for your scrap cutting tools.*

It’s never too early to start putting a little extra money away.  Just 5 quick and easy steps to recycling your scrap carbide:

  • Collect your scrap carbide and package it so it will not rip through the box.
  • Call us for the most up to date quote number at 607-331-9353 or drop us an e-mail at
  • Mail your package through the USPS. We recommend using the flat rate postal service boxes.
  • We receive your package and sort through your carbide.
  • You receive check with in a week from us receiving your package.

It’s that easy! Call us today at 607-331-9353 or email us at for your quote number.

Read why recycling carbide is so important to you…

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