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Carbide-USA is here to make sure you receive the best scrap carbide pricing.  Scrap carbide is best handled by a professional and knowledgeable carbide scrap recycler whose business is to process carbide scraps. Scrap carbide recycling is not to be confused with metal scrap recycling, and the carbide sludge and scraps need to be kept separate from all other metals in your shop or business.scrap carbide pricing

The current value of scrap carbide is well above the average pricing for run-of-the-mill scrap metal, and we here at Carbide-USA want you to get the best scrap carbide pricing available.  Keep your carbide filings, grindings, sludge, mill ends, damaged and broken pieces in separate containers to be delivered to your carbide scrap recycler of choice.

Carbide-USA specializes in scrap carbide recycling. We offer the best prices and most professional service for all forms of your scrap Tungsten Carbide materials.  Our goal is to provide the best service and the best prices for carbide in order to encourage the recycling process.  Tungsten carbide scrap is processed and remanufactured into new bits, tools, jewelry, medical equipment, milling tools, mining equipment, road work equipment, and many other industries that require a harder-than-steel cutting edge.

How To Know If What You Have Is Carbide

From our resources page (which you’ll want to look at in more detail) here are our suggestions as to how to test and know if what you actually have is Tungsten Carbide or some other metal.

There are three different ways the make sure what you have in your hand is carbide. Carbide testing can be quick and easy if you follow the steps below

  1. The first step to carbide testing is to see if your carbide is heavy? It does not take a lot of carbide for the weight to add up. Carbide is much heavier then steel is.  A coffee can full of carbide will weigh around 50 pounds while the same coffee can full of steel would weigh around 25 pounds.
  2. Carbide testing with a magnet is very easy. First quest is it magnetic? True tungsten carbide has very little attraction to a magnet. You should be able to easily pull the magnet away from the carbide. If your magnet is hard to pull away from the tool it is steel.
  3. How much does the material spark? If you place a piece of carbide on a grinding wheel the spark will be close together and the spark will be more orange in color.

How To Prepare Scrap Carbide For Recycling

Simply, you need to separate your Tungsten Carbide scrap from the rest of your scrap metal.  Keep a specific bin, bucket, or other container readily available in your shop to place all carbide into.  When you are filing or sharpening carbide tools, there are carbide filings that settle on your table, sweep those off into the container (or a separate container on your personal table area) to be added to the bin containing the other carbide scraps at the end of the day.

Paying attention to where you store your scrap carbide is paramount in obtaining the best scrap carbide pricing from your carbide scrap recyclerScrap Carbide recycling is based on weight of pure carbide.  This is why your containers need to be kept separate without any non-carbide pieces.  Carbide scrap demands a much higher price per pound than does any other metal material you may be recycling.scrap carbide pricing

Your business will welcome the added benefit of a secure, professional method to get rid of your carbide pieces plus the strong scrap carbide pricing will bring cash back into your endeavors.  With scrap metal bringing only pennies on the pound at local metal scrappers, carbide demands a significantly higher (Call Now for Today’s scrap carbide pricing) dollar value per pound.

When you are ready to work with a carbide scrap recycler, contact us here at Carbide-USA for all your scrap carbide recycling needs.  We are here to serve the people of New York and surrounding areas with several delivery methods in place.  We look forward to working with you.


June 18th, 2014