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Ring-02It is easy to see the contributions that tungsten carbide recycling has made to various industries across the globe. Carbide never corrodes, is three times stronger than steel, resists extreme temperatures, and is nearly as hard as diamond, which is why the material can be used to make superior drill bits, end mills, and various inserts as well as surgical instruments and various cutting tools. Despite being a very useful material for many business applications, Carbide USA points out that it is easy to forget that tungsten carbide is also used for many gifts that can be given to loved ones this holiday season. In fact, you may have already picked up a gift that has a tungsten carbide component in it without even knowing it.

Carbide Jewelry

Jewelry is probably the gift category that is the most associated with tungsten carbide because today, tungsten carbide wedding rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces made from the material are very much in style. Carbide is practically invulnerable to scratches due to its uncanny hardness and it can be treated to be a number of colors from silver hues to gun metal grey and even black. Once it is polished, it never loses its shine and is easy to clean. Carbide is also cheaper than gold or silver, making it affordable on almost any budget. If you want to give a unique piece of jewelry to a loved one, purchasing something made of tungsten carbide is the way to go.

Sports Gear

If you are looking for a gift for someone who enjoys outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing, rock climbing, or bicycling, then you will find plenty of options with tungsten carbide components. Recycled tungsten carbide is used to tip trekking and skiing poles to make them more durable and have better grip. Hiking or climbing cleats as well as bicycle tires or snowmobile tread can also come with carbide spikes attached for better grip in wet or icy weather. Any gear with carbide components will be sturdier, safer, and more proficient for the wearer, which is why they make great gifts.

Hunting and Fishing Gear

Carbide-huntingIf there are any hunters or fishermen in your life, you will find plenty of carbide gifts that you can bestow upon them. Tungsten carbide weights are a popular choice for fishermen because they never pit or rust, even after extended contact with the water. Both hunting and fishing knifes can be found either made entirely of or tipped with carbide to provide a sharper edge and greater durability. Carbide bullets can be purchased for riflemen and carbide tipped arrows for bowmen, both of which allow for a straighter shot, greater piercing capabilities, and a higher kill rate. Any fisherman or hunter would be delighted to receive gifts that help them to be more proficient at their hobby.

Gifts from the Heart

Remember that regardless of whom you are buying for this holiday season or how much money you have to spend, you can count on any number of gifts containing tungsten carbide to be an ideal choice. While every gift should come from the heart, there is no reason not to shoot for the best, especially when so many carbide gifts are affordable. This year, a gift of tungsten carbide can help anyone to have a happier, healthier holiday season.

If you are looking for a tungsten carbide recycler to handle your recycling needs, the recycling professionals at Carbide USA located in Elmira, New York are experienced and here to help.

January 29th, 2014