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Recycle Your Carbide End Mills at Carbide-USA

Carbide, one of the strongest and most valuable materials being used today in many industries, has a value even when damaged, broken, or splintered.  Recycling your carbide end mills makes good business sense and you can obtain current carbide scrap pricing from Carbide-USA directly online or over the telephone. No waiting, no worries.

carbide-end-millCarbide end mills are found in the bit end of various drills and as with any material used in heavy industries, scrap carbide can become abundant in your shop. Always keep your carbide scraps separate from your other metal filings and scraps, as carbide scrap recycling commands a much higher value per pound than does standard metals.

Carbide-USA is based out of Central New York and is the scrap carbide recycler of choice in New York and surrounding areas. We recommend that you save your tungsten carbide scraps in a container that is ear marked specifically for this precious metal. Carbide has long been imported from China due to their tungsten carbide deposits. The United States does not have any carbide deposits, thus our material is all brought in from a foreign country.

Scrap Carbide Fuels the Economy

carbide-mill-end-1In order to provide more for our economy (both in jobs and in keeping industry here), we have found that it is highly preferable to save and reprocess scrap carbide by sending it through to a carbide recycling plant. We can take carbide filings, broken mill ends, broken and damaged carbide blades, tools, bits, and any other tungsten carbide products that have lost their sharpness or ability to be used within their current industry.

The reprocessing, or recycling of the mill end bits and other carbide scrap is then made into new equipment, tools, jewelry, medical instruments, and various other products used in American industry such as mining and road construction. This provides us with an unending supply of carbide material now in our own country that we can continue to remanufacture into usable and valuable products without having to buy raw carbide from foreign entities.

Carbide-USA Stands Above the Rest

scrap-carbideWith a track record of providing the most competitive scrap carbide pricing, Carbide-USA can recycle your end mills and any other carbide scrap you might have available. You can call us directly to obtain scrap carbide pricing that you can count on. Scrap carbide can be sent via US Postal Service, or for larger pickups, we can arrange for delivery with you.

We will work with you to assure that your shipment of scrap carbide is handled properly from beginning to end, and ensure you receive a fast payment for the material you send us.

Carbide scrap recycling with a reliable and well-known scrap carbide recycling facility will assure you that you are getting the best pricing per pound for your carbide end mills. Call us at 1 (607) 331-9353 to get the current scrap carbide pricing. We are available to give you the best price for your carbide end mills, carbide inserts, drills, carbide mining tips, road grinding tips, punches, burs and etc. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff is ready to provide you the answers.

May 20th, 2014