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Tungsten carbide is used in all sorts of shop setting. The value of carbide lies in its easy recyclability, and its incredible density. If you have scrap carbide, you already know that it doesn’t take very much of it to have a lot of weight. That scrap profit really adds up when recycling it or scrapping it to a scrap yard or scrap dealer, because their scrap prices are so high!

When you come across carbide, it will often (expecially in th ecase of inserts0 have a very gold colored coating of titanium compound to add to the hardness. That doesn’t effect the scrap price at all, so dont worry about that, It is still carbide.

The value of carbide comes from the fact that it is easily recyled. It first is split into its parts: cobalt and tungsten carbide.

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May 30th, 2013