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Carbide scrap recycling is fast becoming one of the most progressive industries in the world, providing a lucrative and effective method to utilize discarded carbide scrap.  Tungsten carbide scrap recyclers  like Carbide-USA, are finding this to be a business with greater rewards for both themselves and the economy. Scrap carbide pricing is significantly higher than standard scrap metal pricing, and businesses and industries are jumping on board to obtain the highest pricing on their investments.

Carbide (Tungsten Carbide) is mined mostly in China to be shipped raw or manufactured into tools, medical equipment, jewelry, and other products that would typically require a hard steel material.carbide scrap recycling, current carbide scrap pricing

Carbide is one of the strongest metal alloys available thus providing a longer use life and better cutting ability than even the strongest steels and metal compositions.  Carbide is used in major industries like road maintenance, mining, manufacturing, metal work, and the medical field.

But even carbide wears out, breaks, and degrades after hard and continuous use in the field.  Tooling shops that work on carbide tools, sharpening or repairing, produce a large amount of carbide filings and scrap.  Industries that use carbide tools for mining, road construction, etc, put even carbide to hard use.  Bits and ends break.  Carbide tools chip, degrade, and break.

In the past, before the knowledge was available that scrap carbide pricing was far superior to standard metal pricing, industries simply discarded their scrap carbide along with their other metal scraps to one of the numerous metal scrap yards.  Today, carbide scrap recyclers are readily available to take your carbide pieces and filings for recycling.  Carbide scrap recycling provides the best method to recoup a portion of the carbide value.

Carbide Scrap Recycling

The best way to obtain the best current scrap carbide pricing from your local carbide scrap recyclers is to be sure to keep all carbide completely separate from your other metal waste.  Provide a dedicated storage bucket or box for broken, damaged carbide and keep your work area free from metal contaminates.  You want your carbide scrap to be 100% carbide so that when you provide your materials to be recycled, you will obtain the best pricing.

Scrap carbide pricing is significantly higher than standard metal scrap pricing.  You will also need to know that carbide weighs more than regular metal scrap.  A coffee can full of carbide scraps will weigh anywhere from two to five times the same size container of scrap metal. And with the pricing being at a rate higher than mixed metals, it’s easy to see how a small container of carbide scrap can bring a more lucrative payment into your business.

Keeping your scrap carbide separate, uncontaminated from mixed metals, and prepared properly for carbide scrap carbide scrap recycling, tungsten carbide scraprecycling could increase your income streams into your business. Educate your staff and workers to a greater awareness of which tools are carbide and require special care when working on them, filing and prepping, sharpening, and dealing with broken tools and pieces.

Why Is The Carbide Recycling Industry Growing?

Carbide recycling is a way to remanufacture scrap carbide into products and tools that can be used once again in many industries.  The cost of raw carbide and carbide products is more expensive than hardened steel, but last longer and produce more exact cuts, bits, and tools.  This is the metal alloy of choice for industries and businesses that can afford their initial cost.  The tools last longer and work harder than any other metal out there.

Our economy is dependent on how we utilize our current resources.  Since carbide is not naturally occurring in the United States, it makes sense to use our carbide scraps in the processing and manufacture of new products right here in our country.

Carbide scrap recycling is boosting the economy in this country by adding jobs, offering higher scrap carbide pricing, and providing new tools and products into the market place. Check out Carbide – USA to learn how to best protect your investment, and how to deliver your scrap carbide for the best pricing.

July 9th, 2014