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Large or small, businesses that work with Tungsten Carbide and its scrap are turning to a carbide recycler to obtain the current scrap carbide pricing. Obtaining an appropriate return on investment allows for an additional income stream for many shops and industries.

Carbide recycling is growing as an independent business separate from common scrap metal processing due to the pricing per pound. No longer do machine shops and other businesses have to accept low-end compensation for their scrap carbide recycling needs.

Current Scrap Carbide Pricing

There are numerous carbide recyclers throughout the United States, but in the Northeast, there is a premier carbide recycler that is able to process carbide through their facility with the best scrap carbide pricing. Carbide-USA operates a professional, knowledgeable and community-oriented facility that can meet the needs of scrap carbide recycling throughout the United States. They are not limited to the Northeast.

scrap carbide pricingCurrent scrap carbide pricing is based on metal alloy supply and demand, yet the price per pound far exceeds general metal scrap. Obtaining the best scrap metal pricing is simply a matter of speaking with a carbide recycler and determining their pricing and processing requirements.

Scrap carbide recycling requires industries and shops to keep their carbide completely isolated from all other metals and filings. This keeps the scrap carbide clean and encourages the highest pricing per pound for your shop. Machine shops are able to retain scrap materials in the form of broken parts, broken tips from cutting equipment, filings from machine shop work, and sludge that results from the machining process.

The scrap carbide is kept in a separate container to keep the purest form of material to send to the carbide recycler, thus obtaining the best scrap carbide pricing.

Which Carbide Recyler to Use

Once you start checking with the carbide recycler in your area, expand your search and speak with each facility to determine their process, delivery standards and current scrap carbide pricing. Each facility will provide varying degrees of customer service, instructions, delivery options and of course pricing.

Carbide-USA in New York State is well known throughout the country as being a facility that exceeds expectations when it comes to carbide recycling. They are available daily to answer your questions and explain their procedures in order that your shop can realize the best service.

scrap carbide pricingSimply lumping your scrap metal together is a practice from the past. No longer is this a viable or profitable method due to the demand for Tungsten Carbide tools, equipment and the current need from various industries. Industrial usage of Tungsten Carbide is ever increasing. The material has a hardness and reliability that far exceeds any other metal alloy on the market today.

Businesses such as mining, construction, farming, automotive, aerospace, machine shops, medical field, sporting equipment and numerous others are turning to Tungsten Carbide to meet their needs and those of their customers. A carbide recycler is helping small businesses to see an appropriate carbide recycling method that provides the best experience in the industry.

Contact Carbide-USA to compare their offerings and expertise to process your scrap carbide with a peace of mind unmatched by other processors. Their current scrap carbide pricing can be obtained by a simple phone call to them, and you can then decide how you wish to proceed.

November 18th, 2015