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Tungsten Carbide scrap prices can vary according to location and current market value, as can any other metal scrap. Carbide-USA is your number one go-to company to obtain the best in pricing for your carbide recycling needs.

A little history on the process of carbide scrap. Today we must import pure Tungsten Carbide from outside the country since the United States does not have sufficient Tungsten Carbide mining anywhere in this country. The majority of what is used in the United States must be imported.

current carbide scrap pricesAs our needs grow for Tungsten Carbide, scrap carbide recycling has become a very big industry here in the United States. Since we cannot produce or mine our own Tungsten Carbide, and want to lessen on reliance on foreign countries for product, we have increased the ability to recycle scrap carbide.

By doing so, we have increased production, allowed for manufacture of new products from scrap carbide, enlarged many carbide recycling operations, made room for more jobs, and are working hard to build local economies. Having competitive current scrap carbide pricingĀ  makes it an absolute must for any industry utilizing this long-lasting material. With pricing as it currently is, many companies and industries are able to realize an additional income stream into their business from the sale of scrap carbide to carbide recyclers such as Carbide-USA.

Current Carbide Scrap Prices

Carbide recyclers can easily give you their current carbide scrap prices, but your best and highest possible pricing will come from Carbide-USA in New York. Carbide-USA keeps up to the minute tabs on the scrap metal pricing index. And as the processing of scrap Tungsten Carbide is there primary business, you will find that your best return on investment (ROI) is right here.

Scrap carbide must be kept separate from other scrap metals due to the obvious pricing. Industries and businesses store their broken, damaged carbide along with carbide filings and sludge in containers specifically for the carbide. It is necessary to make sure that the scrap carbide is not mixed with other metals as this will lower the current carbide scrap prices. Keep all your scrap carbide separate in order to obtain the best results.

Scrap Carbide Recycling

Carbide recyclers are dealing in thousands and thousands of pounds of scrap carbide. The ability to process, clean, and redistribute to manufacturers who then remold the carbide into new tools, bits, equipment, and instruments, along with adding value into the sporting and automotive industries, is growing by leaps and bounds.

current carbide scrap pricesScrap carbide is being processed and manufactured into studs for tires and bicycles, high friction engine parts for automobiles and farm equipment, and for sporting equipment like skates, hiking poles, skis and various other equipment. The larger industries like mining and construction have been using Tungsten Carbide and recycled carbide for their cutting, drilling, and paving operations.

Carbide-USA can show you the current carbide scrap prices and direct you as to how to package, ship and deliver your scrap carbide to them. Your carbide recycler is your best friend when it comes to

April 8th, 2015