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Tungsten Carbide recycling is a growing industry in the United States and is providing an economic boost to many communities. The cycle of scrap carbide recycling starts with the industries and machine shops that use Tungsten Carbide tools and equipment everyday.

When the equipment wears down past the machine shop’s ability to sharpen or retool, the material becomes scrap. A myriad of businesses produce carbide scrap and take great pains to keep this precious material separate from all other scrap metals.

The Process of Carbide Recycling

The carbide is then packaged and delivered to a scrap carbide recycler who provides the local business with the current scrap carbide pricing. The small business now has received a return on their investment and yet another income stream.

carbide recyclingA carbide recycler stores the scrap material until a sufficient amount has been garnered. Then the material is sent off to a manufacturer to turn this scrap carbide into new tools and instruments. The carbide recycler is helping the community by providing more jobs as the industry grows, and provides a suitable compensation to small businesses for their scrap.

Manufacturing of Tungsten Carbide scrap produces yet more jobs bringing income into their communities. The scrap carbide is now processed and turned into new tools, bits, instruments and other equipment.

Every Day Uses for Tungsten Carbide

For a fair period of time, carbide recyclers moved the worn out Tungsten Carbide to manufacturers to remake tools and equipment for the mining, road construction and automobile industries. The usage of our scrap carbide helps to take away the heavy dependency on foreign raw material. Thus keeping more business within our own economy.

Today, carbide recycling is providing a vast amount of products into the open public market. We are finding Tungsten Carbide being used to make jewelry (especially rings and wedding bands), medical instruments, machine shop equipment, sporting equipment (fishing tackle, snowmobile tread spikes, trekking pole tips and many more), snow tire studs, camping equipment and drill bits, mill ends, and hand tools used in many industries.

At no prior time in history has the viability, resilience, and long-lasting reliability of a material such as Tungsten Carbide been so sought after. Bearing a hardness and break resistant attribute, the ability for business and industry to remain on the job and working, rather than off line due to broken equipment, is keeping those individual companies working at higher levels.

Why Use Tungsten Carbide for Every Day Items?

Carbide recyclers know that the use of Tungsten Carbide to manufacture new product for the marketplace is helping build local economies. The current scarp carbide pricing is significantly higher than other scrap metals and provides several venues to increase jobs and local businesses. Carbide recycling is just the smart thing to do.

carbide recyclingRelying on foreign entities, being subject to their pricing and availability for raw material is something we, as a country, are trying to alleviate. We need to be able to produce as many products as possible within our own area. Carbide recycling allows industries to obtain equipment locally and economically for their particular needs.

Every day items being made from Tungsten Carbide produce stronger, harder, long-lasting products. This keeps people on the job longer, projects get finished on time, machine shops produce sharper edges on equipment in for retooling, and sporting enthusiasts rely on safety when out enjoying their sport. Carbide-USA is a local and nationally known and recognized carbide recycler. Call today for current scrap carbide pricing.

June 17th, 2015