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Tungsten Carbide has become the go-to metal alloy in numerous industries. Aerospace is one more arena where the process of carbide recycling comes in handy. Certainly, the aerospace industry requires a long-lasting and reliable material in the construction and implementation of various machinery and equipment. Tungsten Carbide is providing a material that is changing the way the aviation industry produces parts.

Tungsten Carbide Performance

No doubt about it, Tungsten Carbide out performs all other alloys and is a strong contender even against diamond (more cost effective). Carbide recycling processors are aware of the vast uses of Tungsten Carbide and are eager to provide current scrap carbide pricing for materials. Once the carbide is obtained, sorted, and packaged, it is sent to manufacturers to be remade into new tools and equipment.

tungsten carbide aerospaceThe aerospace industry needs reliable materials with which to manufacture and repair their equipment, parts, and tools. Choosing to replace items with Tungsten Carbide which has a much higher heat and friction resistance is proving to be an excellent decision.

Not only are parts made from Tungsten Carbide, but often special carbide coatings are applied to stainless steel and other metal alloys to provide an added layer of strength.

Aviation parts and equipment are subjected to higher temperatures, significant friction of wearing parts, and a needed reliability to lessen the time an aircraft is down for repairs. We have found that Tungsten Carbide has proven to be extremely valuable across major industries, and aviation is no different.

Carbide recyclers are getting the word out and providing knowledgeable information to manufacturers, processors, industries and machining shops about the proper storage and distribution of scrap carbide. Scrap carbide is then moved onto major manufacturers to be made into yet new products, tools and equipment.

Aerospace is just one of the heavy users that requires Tungsten Carbide to be among their top picks for their parts’ ingredient. The days of cracked and broken steel are becoming past tense. Moving into the reliability of Tungsten Carbide is opening up a whole new world. And scrap carbide recyclers are right there to help build up their local communities with providing new jobs due to the increase in usage.

Carbide Recycling

As a process all its own, carbide recycling takes worn, broken Tungsten Carbide pieces along with filings and sludge; carbide recyclers procure the scrap, sort and process it to go directly to manufacturing to be made into new items. The current scrap carbide pricing is incentive for the end users to properly save and deliver their material to carbide recyclers. The return on investment of the tools and time are amply rewarded once the material is shipped out.

tungsten carbideTungsten Carbide is often combined with cementing agents in order for equipment to be properly tooled. The result is a significant improvement over hardened steel. Tungsten Carbide is known for its ability to withstand high temperatures, severe friction (as in transportation parts), a hardness surpassed only by diamond, and a reliability unknown prior to this time.

Carbide recyclers like Carbide-USA encourage you to continue separating your scrap carbide into dedicated storage containers. Be sure to contact your carbide recycling processor of choice to obtain current scrap carbide pricing, and arrange for your material to be sent directly out.

If the Aerospace industry is utilizing Tungsten Carbide in their parts and equipment, which industry will be next? Contact Carbide-USA today for expert and professional assistance with all your scrap carbide needs.

noviembre 4th, 2015