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Current scrap carbide pricing is determined by several factors, most importantly are supply and demand. The current financial and economic situation invokes a strong desire to make money or obtain additional income through a variety of ways.

current scrap carbide pricingPeople are even examining the options available through scrap recycling of various metals. Tungsten carbide scrap is a profitable and in-demand material. If you have tungsten carbide scrap, rather than let it go to waste, you could gather and exchange this material at a tungsten carbide recycling facility and earn some cash in the process.

Scrap metal has always been a popular material to gather and sell to recycling facilities, but none so volatile in current carbide scrap pricing then tungsten carbide.


Our world is based on the economic principles and laws of supply and demand, which also play a large role in the scrap metal market. Determining the price starts here.

While it is understood that supply and demand are critical to the pricing of metal scrap, there are still numerous factors within these elements that cause difficulty in determining the full value.

Contacting your local carbide recycler such as Carbide-USA will provide you with the current carbide scrap pricing to help you make your decisions about when to have your tungsten carbide scrap processed.

Today’s economic climate encourages machine shops, businesses and contractors to save their tungsten carbide scrap separately from all their other metal scrap material. Tungsten carbide weighs more and demands a much higher price than typical metals in the market today. Do not mix your tungsten carbide with other metals such as hardened steel, titanium, copper, bronze, or aluminum.

scrap carbide pricingThe demand for tungsten carbide is increasing continually as the important properties (hardness, life expectancy) become more well-known throughout the industries. Carbide scrap is processed by a carbide recycler, and re-manufactured into new products. This provides our country with a new stream of products that are dependent only on our ability to properly recycle our scrap carbide. (Far more lucrative for many industries than simply importing raw carbide from foreign countries.)


No matter where you do business, there is a carbide recycler in your area that can provide you with current scrap carbide pricing. Simply call the processing/recycling service, discuss the amount of tungsten carbide you currently have to recycle, and obtain the best price for the day. The recycler, such as Carbide-USA in New York, will explain how to determine if what you have is actually tungsten carbide, how to keep it secure, how to clean out the non-carbide pieces, how to package your bits and pieces, and how to deliver to their facility.

One more thing regarding the factors that affect current tungsten carbide pricing, supply and demand is not the only issue. There should also be need to examine future potential and determine the particular demand for the material. Metal can have high ups and downs depending on how the public and metal recyclers understand the current market expectations for metals. Be sure to research current scrap carbide pricing in your area to determine the best price and carbide recycler available.

If you’re in New York, be sure to make your first call to Carbide-USA for their expertise and vast knowledge in recycling precious metals.

October 15th, 2014