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Sell Your Scrap Tungsten Carbide

Wondering how the payment process works at Carbide-USA?

  • Call 607-331-9353 or e-mail for current pricing. Quotes are good for one week, so make sure your shipping is timely.
  • Separate the carbide products from the HSS products in your shipment.
  • When shipping your package or pallets to us make sure to include your name, phone number, quote number and where we will be sending the check to. If you would like to add your email we will send you an email of the purchase order.
  • Please include the quote number that was given to you when you called. If you do not include your quote number you will go by that days floor price.
  • Once we receive your shipment we will test your scrap carbide and weigh the product to determine the value.
  • We will write you a check for your scrap carbide and send it to you through the United States Postal service.

Where to send your scrap carbide?

You can send your scrap carbide to:

Carbide-USA LLC
100 Home Street
Elmira, NY, 14904

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