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Carbide USA bring professional, knowledgeable, and personal assistance to you. As New York’s premier carbide recycler, you can be assured that your carbide recycling needs will be met with the utmost courtesy and customer service. Customer service is number one at Carbide USA.

Building a strong connection to the community as well as nationwide, customer service sets a carbide recycler apart from others in the scrap carbide recycling industry. Without happy customers, any business will struggle to maintain their client base, and thus their business.

Carbide USA and Customer Service

Carbide recycling has become a very important aspect for many industries. Businesses and industries that rely on metals to build and utilize tools and equipment have found that Tungsten Carbide provides a more reliable product. Carbide can withstand much higher temperatures, more friction, and heavier usage than other common metals.

Carbide-USACurrent scrap carbide pricing encourages users to seek a carbide recycler to take the scrap carbide and provide a decent return on investment. Scrap carbide should not be sent to general metal scrap sites. The value in scrap carbide is significantly higher than any other metal alloy. Obtaining a quote is easily done at Carbide USA by calling directly.

Carbide USA offers customer service that is over and above most other carbide recyclers. Their personal attention to your carbide recycling needs and specific attention to detail, will allow you to obtain the best return on your investment.

Carbide Recycling Process

Tungsten Carbide has truly become the go-to metal allow for equipment and tools. The hardness and reliability allow industry equipment to remain on the job for longer periods. Crews are able to complete projects in better time without having to wait for repeated repairs and having equipment taken off the project.

Machine shops, road construction, farming, automotive, mining along with numerous other industries can obtain current scrap carbide pricing simply by contacting Carbide USA. You will be instructed on how to preserve your scrap carbide away from all other metals. Filings, broken bits, tips, tools and sludge are all recyclable. Keeping this material completely separate from other metal scrap is paramount in the carbide recycling process.

current scrap carbide pricingMost shops have a dedicated container where scrap carbide is deposited. Once the container reaches a particular level, it’s time to contact Carbide USA to obtain the current scrap carbide pricing, prepare the material for shipment, and send to the carbide recycler.

Carbide USA provides the most attentive customer service with understandable information and direction to ascertain a safe and reliable process in carbide recycling. Your business is appreciated and your needs are important to us.

Carbide Recycler Fills a Need

Recycling of carbide scrap needs to be done by a professional who is well-versed in the scrap carbide industry. Carbide USA is your carbide recycler nationwide. Handling all your carbide recycling needs through their expert care and service will provide you with an experience unparalleled by other metal dealers.

You have invested in your equipment and tools. When they break or wear out, you want to be able to quickly, safely and profitably obtain carbide recycling methods that work for you. Contact Carbide USA today for the current scrap carbide pricing and directions on how to prepare your shipment.

Your specific needs can be addressed when you contact us. Detailed preparation and delivery/shipment instructions will be provided.

October 14th, 2015