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oakhill-road-pavingRoad paving in the United States is a constant process in keeping our infrastructure secure and the roadways safe for the millions of drivers on the road each day.  Carbide USA plays an important part in road paving, and it’s not about the actual roadway itself, but about the tools and milling methods used to prepare and pave the roads that come into play.

Carbide USA is a carbide recycler specializing in taking your broken, worn out carbide pieces and/or dust and filings and recycling them into usable materials.  Carbide is one of the strongest materials currently being used in the road milling and paving machines.  Discarded scrap carbide recycling can produce a healthy income for road pavers who use tools and milling machines made from this material.

As we know, a huge amount of carbide and tungsten ore is imported from foreign countries, mainly China, for use in manufacturing tools, bits, blades, medical equipment, jewelry, road milling equipment, and various other tools.  The cost of importing carbide is one thing, but the fact that we are having to rely on foreign countries to provide a material we need is disconcerting.

Carbide USA, a premier carbide recycling facility in central New York, takes pride in being able to buy your scrap carbide from you for a very healthy price per pound (be sure to check with us as to the current value of scrap carbide this week) and recycling this material into new tools, blades, instruments, bits, and even jewelry.

Road Paving Contractors

Road paving requires the use of some very heavy-duty drilling bits, milling tools, rollers, and other equipment that when made of carbide, provide a longer-lasting, more durable product that out lasts any other material including steel.

But even with carbide being almost as strong and hard as diamonds, they still break, wear out, and shatter if dropped.  Also, if you are milling or attempting to sharpen carbide-based tools and bits, you will have carbide filings and dust that can also be sent to a carbide recycling facility for compensation that rivals any local scrap metal yard in your locale.

Recycling carbide from road paving and milling operations is just one more way Carbide USA provides a boost to the American economy.  Rather than throwing away or taking to a scrap metal facility, road paving contractors can recycle their scrap carbide to a recycling facility that can take the scraps/dust/filings/broken tools and re-manufacture them into new products, tools, bits, and other useful items.  This recycling process saves our country from having to buy more carbide from foreign sources, reuses material we already have, and provides an above average compensation to companies, contractors, and road paving crews in exchange for their used carbide.

Let Carbide USA Be Your Carbide Recycler

trassierungWith the ability to process up to a ton of material a day, Carbide USA is well poised in the carbide recycling industry to provide you with top dollar for your scrap carbide.  Road milling and paving contractors who use tools that are comprised primarily of carbide will well appreciate the ability to exchange their broken/damaged or carbide dust and filings to a carbide recycling facility rather than discarding or throwing away these valuable pieces of material.

Carbide USA stands ready to take your material and recycle it into usable products for various industries here in the United States.  Call us directly to determine the current scrap carbide pricing and let us assist you in developing a good method of processing your materials.

April 6th, 2014