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Carbide USA, a Carbide Recycling Leader in the Northeast

Scrap carbide recycling is taking over in the metal scrap world, and for good reason. Many parts of the country rely on improved metal alloys to produce not only parts for machinery, but also numerous tools and instruments.

When you think of the Northeast part of our country, do you think of evergreen trees, vacation spots and abundant lakes/oceans and wildlife? Sure you do, but have you ever considered the amount of industries that provide life to their communities and towns through their activities?

Carbide Recycling in the Northeast

Carbide-USA, a leader in carbide recycling is located right here in the Northeast. They have built a reputable enterprise providing the best in current scrap carbide pricing, recycling, and processing of scrap carbide.

carbide recyclingDuring the seasons of Spring, Summer and Fall, many industries are working around the clock providing much needed services such as road construction, farming, automotive and aeronautics. With the higher need and intense usage of metal alloys for tools and machinery, the move toward using Tungsten Carbide in these applications has become big business for carbide manufacturers.

With damage and wear occurring to all metals and alloys regardless of hardness and longevity, there is a growing demand for a knowledgeable carbide recycler such as Carbide-USA. Their long history of providing the best service, processing and current scrap carbide pricing allows for a decent ROI and additional income stream for machine shops, sharpening facilities, industrial applications such as road construction, and scrap metal dealers.

Current scrap carbide pricing fluctuates from day to day, but the end result is the ability to deliver your carbide scrap, bits, filings and sludge to the processor that provides the best service in the Northeast. Many machine shops work long hours in sharpening tools, parts, bits and end pieces for heavy equipment. Now that Tungsten Carbide is being so widely used, there is a necessity to keep scrap carbide separate from other metal scraps. The pricing is very different, with scrap carbide bringing in a much higher value per pound that standard metals.

Carbide-USA Suggests Best Practices

Scrap carbide recycling is not rocket science, and many shops have easily adapted to the methods needed to obtain the best return on investment when it comes to processing their material. High needs and usage industries are generally in areas where a lot of wear and tear occurs. Think about road construction vehicles and tools. These have heretofore been made out of hardened steel, which was the metal used for many years.

carbide recyclingHardened steel enjoyed a long usage term during the years leading up to the the 21st century. Tungsten Carbide was discovered to be a metal alloy that could be used to produce long-lasting, hard, heat resistant materials previously made from steel. Road construction equipment uses metal tips, spikes, hammers, and grinders to tear up road surfaces. Hardened steel often fails to last long enough to complete a project, and time is lost when the machinery needs to be down for repairs.
With the advent of Tungsten Carbide production into replacement tips, blades, saws, grinders and other items, there is less down time for industrial applications, which provides a better time schedule adherence.

Carbide-USA is the go-to carbide recycler in the Northeast and can bring a more productive processing option to local and national industries who are using Tungsten Carbide in their applications. Contact Carbide-USA to discuss your scrap carbide recycling needs, learn how to properly prepare your material for processing, and utilize the expertise of this premier carbide recycler.

January 9th, 2020