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Why Recycling Carbide is Economically Important

carbide-003If you own a business that manufactures carbide products or if you use tungsten carbide tools regularly, then you probably know how incredibly useful and versatile the material is. What you may not know is that the bulk of natural tungsten deposits are located in China, which has allowed the Chinese corporations to create a virtual monopoly for tungsten carbide over the last two decades. Fortunately, Carbide USA is leading the charge to create greater access to carbide materials and powders through domestic channels thanks to our revolutionary scrap carbide recycling program.

Despite the need for recycling carbide to boost our economy and lessen our dependence on foreign imports, the Tungsten Industry Association estimates that roughly two thirds of  carbide scrap in the United States is simply being thrown away rather than recycled. If your business uses carbide products, then you also have the power to help change this trend. Every single ounce of carbide scrap that is brought to a full service recycler like Carbide USA represents one less ounce that Americans have to purchase from foreign economies. This is why there is no amount of carbide scrap too small to send in for recycling.

An Extra Incentive for Recycling Carbide Scrap

Carbide USA makes it easy for you to recycle your carbide scrap whether you live right here in Central New York, or anywhere else across the country. This is because we allow carbide scrap to be shipped directly to us. While the notion of helping the U.S. economy is enough motivation for many people to go through the simple process of shipping their carbide scrap, if you need an even greater incentive, you should know that you will also be paid handsomely for doing so.

Depending on the current  scrap carbide pricing you could be paid as much as $11 per pound for your scrap. First, we encourage you to contact Carbide USA so that you can get an accurate quote based on weight and type (solid or sludge). Because carbide scrap prices can shift weekly or even daily, all quotes are good for seven days. Any carbide scrap shipments that come without a quote will be defaulted to the generous price of $8.50 per pound with the exclusion of sludge shipments which must be scheduled in advance.

End Process

cemented-carbideOnce your scrap is received and checked for weight and consistency, a check will be mailed out to you based on your quote. It’s that simple. By helping Carbide USA recycle your leftover material, you can enjoy reimbursements for hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time. That money can help you to offset the cost of buying new carbide materials. More importantly, you will know that your efforts are helping us to ensure more tungsten carbide products are being produced from domestic sources.

Contact the customer service department at Carbide USA for the latest pricing and shipping options.

February 26th, 2014