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Many industries today are finding they have a new income stream in carbide recycling. As Tungsten carbide is being used more frequently in construction, farming, mining, road work, sporting equipment, jewelry and medical instruments, the processing and machining produces scrap carbide.

Scrap carbide recycling is the method in which these industries take their damaged, worn out end bits and tools, along with the machine shop filings, and send them off to a carbide recycler. The facility pays the current scrap carbide pricing and then moves the scrap carbide off to be remanufactured into new tools and products.

Choosing A Carbide Recycler

All carbide recyclers are alike, right? Of course not. Users of Tungsten Carbide should be knowledgeable in how to properly recycle their scraps. Most general scrap metal yards cannot properly sort carbide scrap, nor can they pay you the best price for the material.

current scrap carbide pricingCarbide recycling provides the best ROI when you use a knowledgeable and experienced carbide recycler such as Carbide-USA. Located in Elmira, New York, Carbide-USA processes used/scrap carbide and provides the most current scrap carbide pricing.

The ability for industry leaders to ship their scrap material to Carbide-USA is a huge plus for all parties. Carbide-USA gives complete packaging and shipping information right here. Be sure to call to obtain the best quote for your clean carbide material.

Working with a nationally recognized carbide recycler will provide you with peace of mind and a solid ROI when it comes to carbide recycling. There are a lot of companies the purport to be carbide recycling facilities, but none so experienced as Carbide-USA. Take the time to review the material on this website, the helpful articles, and the information about shipping your scrap materials to the facility.

Scrap metal dealers and yards are used to low pricing on most metals. They lump everything in together and do not worry too much about the carbide portion unless you pay attention. It’s not a matter of failing to manage the carbide, but they are not in the sole business of carbide recycling.

Using a full-service, carbide specific recycling facility will provide you with the best pricing and the most efficient method of handling your material. No matter what industry you are in, (construction, road work, mining, machine shop, or farming to name a few) you will produce scrap carbide as time goes on.

Carbide-USAIt is important to keep this material totally separate from all other metal scraps in order to properly prepare your scrap to be sent out. Many shops make a habit to store the scarp carbide regularly into specific containers so as not to contaminate the material with other metals. The carbide recycler that you will work with, such as Carbide-USA, must have clean carbide scrap or else they cannot provide you with the best pricing.

Clean carbide scrap means the material you are sending out is free of other metals and materials that would affect the weight and/or value for you. Check with your carbide recycler to obtain the best handling, preparation, and shipping information available.

Processing Your Scrap Carbide with Carbide-USA

There’s no waiting, no worries, and no difficulties in working with a scrap carbide recycler whose only business is processing material to be sent onto manufacturing concerns. You just need to learn the basics of carbide scrap handling and shipping direct to a recycling facility.

Carbide-USA offers extraordinary service and information about how to handle your material. The current scrap carbide pricing is easily obtained by calling 607-331-9353 and obtaining information that you need to use to make your best decision.

May 13th, 2015