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No matter where your business or industry is located, carbide recycling is one of the best ways to remove current scrap carbide pricingand be paid for your scrap carbide. Many industries (mining, road construction, farming, automobiles, sporting, as well as the medical field and jewelry designers) are using tungsten carbide both in its originally manufactured form and in recycled material.

Carbide-USA can show you the current scrap carbide pricing for your used, worn, damaged tungsten carbide, as well as carbide filings and sludge. A carbide recycler collects your scrap carbide, ascertains the cleanliness of the material (making sure it is not mixed with any other metals), then sends it out in bulk to a manufacturer who will remake the tungsten carbide scrap into new materials and tools.

Who Does Carbide-USA Provide Carbide Recycling To?

Carbide-USA is becoming one of the premier carbide recycling facilities in the Northeast. They are able to offer services to local clients as well as nationally-based customers. With the ability to utilize economically feasible shipping entities, any business, machine shop, or industry can easily send their scrap carbide directly to Carbide USA.

The current scrap carbide pricing is always available simply by making a phone call to Carbide-USA to discuss the quantity you have to sell, the method you wish to deliver the scrap carbide, and the current pricing per pound. A carbide recycler can take any amount, small or large, and offer you the best pricing available.

As our economy continues its struggle, carbide recycling is bringing business back to local communities carbide-recyclingand keeping it in the USA. As we’ve learned, the raw tungsten carbide has to be mined and imported from foreign countries. We can lower our need for these imports by using carbide recycling with a knowledgeable carbide recycler.

By recycling our scrap carbide, we can produce better and stronger tools, equipment, instruments, and other products simply by remanufacturing this material. With the current scrap carbide pricing, the ROI of having bought tungsten carbide tools and equipment can be recouped to a degree through carbide recycling.

Pound for pound, tungsten carbide scrap far outweighs typical scrap metals. A pound of scrap metal at the junk dealer is worth barely a few dollars. A pound of carbide scrap?? Call Carbide-USA today for the current scrap carbide pricing. You will learn why keeping your scrap carbide separate from your other scrap metals. You won’t be disappointed when you learn that the pricing can provide your shop or business with an income stream coming back into your operations.

Scrap Carbide Recycling

It is important to remember that scrap carbide can include everything down to the sludge and filings produced in the machine shop from filing, sharpening, and refitting various tools, bits, and drills. Being the hardest material (next to diamonds), tungsten carbide in still growing in popularity for its long-lasting, hardness, and reliability in which ever industry it is being used in.

But like all materials, there is the breakage factor and wear to the point that no further machining can give a good edge to the tool. At this point, it is necessary to recycle your carbide scrap. In the Northeast, or anywhere in the country, your best carbide recycler is Carbide USA located in New York State. Call them at 607-331-9353 for the current scrap carbide pricing.

March 11th, 2015