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scrap-carbideCarbide USA knows that carbide’s main use today is still in the machine shop where this extremely hard metal alloy makes up a large proportion of cutting tools. Blades, bits, carbide inserts, drills, carbide mining tips, road grinding tips, punches, burs etc., are just some of the products formed from carbide and remembering carbide scrap recycling will add to your business income.

Hardened steel was the original go-to material for use in most of these instances, until the discovery of carbide. Carbide is mined in China, and imported into the States for production into various tools providing material in numerous industries. Carbide (tungsten carbide) is actually a rather expensive alloy that must be blended with another material such a cobalt to form it into product.

Once the carbide is blended and formed into the various components used in machine shops, it can be added onto hardened steel to offer an affordable tool that has an exceptional hardness and long lasting sharpness. This provides a more practical option to tools that are 100% tungsten carbide.

Extend the Value of Carbide

As in all industries that utilize carbide for tools and bits, there is always the waste products connected with sharpening carbide, and the occasional breakage of the material. When you sharpen your carbide tools and bits, keep the metal filings separate from all other scrap metal. Scrap carbide pricing is considerably higher than standard metal scrap, so you will want to store your filings for a scrap carbide recycler in an area or container specifically for the carbide.

Carbide, being such a strong, hard, and sharp alloy allows for a longer life in most tools, and your machine shop will most likely be using carbide in their blades, routers, and sharpening equipment. Sharpening the carbide can be accomplished much the same way as any other tool sharpening.

carbide-toolingCarbide scrap recycling has become a business that is helping the economy by not only paying you a fair price to deliver your scrap carbide to a scrap carbide recycler, but also by providing re-manufactured and reprocessed carbide tools and products for many industries throughout the United States.

Our reliance on foreign entities to provide us with sufficient carbide is being challenged by our ability to reprocess carbide scrap into better and stronger tools through several different manufacturing processes. Each year, technology and science advance to provide better, and stronger methods of mixing the carbide with other metals and alloys to produce even stronger, harder and sharper products.

Your Machine Shop Carbide

Most likely you have found that using carbide for your machine shop and tools provides you a longer lasting, stronger and harder metal for cutting and other machine shop procedures. Industries are using carbide in their tools at a higher pace now and replacing the older hardened steel tools with carbide for longer life and production.

Remember that your carbide scraps can and should be stored separately from all other metals. Scrap carbide recycler are anxious to pay top scrap carbide pricing for your filings, mill ends, broken bits, and unusable scrap carbide pieces.

May 31st, 2014